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to response.

For over 35 years American Direct has created compelling results for our clients by developing seamless, individualized, and turnkey marketing programs.

We are direct marketing experts.

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Continuous Improvement:

American Direct is not a creative boutique. We work in concert with our clients to design, produce, execute, and analyze marketing campaigns.

Our holistic approach allows us to adjust and test concepts at any level, optimize results, and maximize efficiency.

This combination of out-of-the-box, original thinking with turnkey functionality consistently and effectively lifts response rates for our clients.

Marketing Expertise:

Every year American Direct mails hundreds of millions of packages across every U.S. state and every Canadian province ... and we've been doing it for over 34 years.

With a staff of 85, we are small enough to be nimble, large enough to handle any campaign, and deep enough to provide decades of experience in every aspect of a direct response marketing campaign.

Affinity Marketing Know-How:
There is no denying the power of affinity marketing. But harnessing this power creates unique challenges, both creatively and operationally.

American Direct has spent over 20 years fine-tuning the art of affinity marketing. We have developed specialized capabilities designed to maximize the effectiveness of an affinity campaign.
Science-Based Marketing Strategy:

American Direct employs a disciplined approach to predictive models, test design, and analytics to ensure actionable results and continuous improvement.

It's not magic. It's science. And we've been perfecting it for over three decades.

Operational Excellence:

Our philosophy is quite simple: if we do the very best job we can to ensure our client's success, American Direct's success will take care of itself.

For decades, American Direct has placed results, quality, and service as top priorities. These attributes are our hallmark.

With many of our client relationships lasting over 20 years, we must be doing something right.

Leave it to us...
We'll do the heavy lifting of getting you the marketing performance you need, while you remain focused on your unique products & services.
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